Corrugated boxes (please - not cardboard) have always figured prominently in my working life.  
I have worked for three companies which provide machinery and supplies to the corrugated industry.  
For 15 years I owned Meuse Marketing Communications, an agency which did a lot of work for companies in that industry.

I closed Meuse Marketing Communications in 1999 and left the corrugated industry 2002, but I still keep in contact with friends in the business. I'll leave this page up for the time being.

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A random selection of machinery used in the production
of corrugated board and boxes



This is a corrugator; a line of machines which converts three rolls of paper into corrugated board.



Here is the kraft paper being moved
from roll storage to the corrugator to
begin the process.


Closeup of the medium being fluted by the corrugating rolls.




This is a flexo folder gluer. It takes sheets of corrugated board and prints, slots, scores, folds and glues the sheets into finished boxes.



A close-up of the corrugated board, in a continuous web, as it is slit to width.




Here are the bundles of finished
boxes being moved to shipping.





I have provided some links below for anyone interested in
learning more about
the wonderful world of corrugated.

A Few Corrugated Links:

Packaging Online - An Industry news page
TAPPI: - Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry
AICC - The Association of Independent Corrugated Converters
BHS Corrugated - Corrugated board making machinery
BOBST - Supplier of everything for corrugated & folding cartons - A place for ex-Langston people


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