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Duck Photo Gallery


Here are some of my favorite duck pix.
Most of them are from the Corel "Waterfowl" CD.
If you want one for your personal web site, take it.
No commercial use is allowed.

sunset.jpg (35050 bytes)

Pintails at Sunrise


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malrd6s.jpg (10753 bytes) dklng01s.jpg (8318 bytes) Pin2s.jpg (6328 bytes)
Mallard Family
Pintail Drake Shoveler
pintails.jpg (9415 bytes) Widgns.jpg (7127 bytes)

Mallard Drake Pintails American Widgeon Redheads

Woodys.jpg (8876 bytes)

Cnteals.jpg (7619 bytes)
Wood Ducks Cinnamon
Teal Hen




The duck photo gallery is still under contruction. As new duck photos hatch they will replace the old ones.


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