Ducks are another of my interests.  Starting as a child feeding bread to the local flock of park mallards, I kept reading more about ducks as I got older.  Today I still enjoy watching the little quackers down at the pond.  While I'm not a hunter, I do share the major goal of organizations like Ducks Unlimited -- more wetlands and more ducks.


My interest in ducks has also spawned a collection of duck stamp prints, decoys, and duck memorabilia which threatens to overflow my den (dubbed "the duck room" by my long-suffering family).  





I am a member of the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum in Maryland. The museum gift shop is a treasure trove of all things ducky.        






Collecting Duck Stamp Prints is a good opportunity to own
limited edition prints by leading wildlife artists. 

dspfed98.jpg (26744 bytes)

1998 Federal Duck Stamp Print
Artist: Robert Steiner

You can learn more about Duck Stamp Prints on the web:

Morales Art Gallery - Duck Stamp and Conservation Stamps
Sports Art and Duck Stamp Prints



    Cartoon ducks have also become a passion of mine.




Some years back I saw a print
of Michael Bedard's "Sitting Duck" (the duck at right) 
in a restaurant and knew I had to put it in my office.

There is a web site dedicated to The Art of Michael Bedard.



science.gif (5280 bytes)

I am always interested in new duck cartoonists.
(People who draw duck cartoons, not ducks who draw.) 
Visit Jennifer DiMase's web site and see her strip, "Down with Science"
about the first duck enrolled at MIT. 

Duckdeli.gif (18828 bytes)




If you ever find yourself on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you should head for the village of Duck (just north of Kitty Hawk) and find the Duck Deli. In addition to having a very cool cartoon duck logo, they also have some of the best barbecue around.




Some hardworking ducks are even featured in TV commercials. The steel duck at left is featured in the current Duracell battery spot.




Of course the most famous duck TV
commercial star is the AFLAC duck.
Click on his bill to see how they
train the actors:


Another famous duck from
the past - the WWII DUKW
amphibious vehicle.
Without it the D-Day invasion
of Normandy wouldn't have been possible.
Click on the photo for more, courtesy of
Just Ducky Tours in Pittsburgh. They offer tours in the DUKW.



March of the Sinister Ducks (some punk duck rock)




Duck Parenting skills - See how they cope.


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