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A short list of luthiers with web sites. Be sure to explore their links to other sites as well.


Henry Strobel

Joseph Curtin

Andrew Kirk

Hans Johannsson

Violins & Co

David T. Van Zandt

Michael Vann, Bowmaker

Greg Alf

David Burgess

Joseph Conrad

David Gusset

James McKean

Peter Prier

Ben Ruth

Frank Saam

Societies and Organizations

American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers

The Violin Society of America

Catgut Acoustical Society Home Page


Violin Making Schools with web sites

In Italy:

Violinmakers School STRADIVARI Cremona

In The USA:

Violin Making School of America

The Violin Shop and Indiana University

The North Bennet Street School

In The UK:

The Newark School of Violin Making